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Monkau Mousery

Fuzzy Little Bundles of Joy

2 April 1985
External Services:
  • monkau_mousery@livejournal.com
We are a mousery located in Perth, Western Australia.

UPDATE 4 june 2007, Our very own tricolour boy, MM 'Terry', is now old enough to be bred from. Breedings have already begun, and there is a waiting list on his bubs, but people interested in being on the list for any future possible tri bubs should email monkau1@bigpond.com with 'tricolour babies' as the subject line.

UPDATE DEC 06- we now also have breeding pairs of rarer coloured mice, including cream, blue, snow tiger, chinchilla, burmese etc. these are currently being developed from some mice imported from Dog Star Rodentry, Pied Pipers' Rodentry, and Zen Mousery all located in NSW.

ABOUT THE MOUSERY- We specialise mostly in longhair and texel manx mice, but we are also currently looking at developing the standards in tans and siamese mice. we have mice in most colours, including- Black, dove, agouti, argente, blue agouti, cinnamon, chocolate, blue, lilac, fawn, sable, himalayan, siamese seal point, siamese choc point, siamese blue point, black eye white, pink eye white, silver, champagne... and so on and so forth. we have all the pink eye dilutions not listed as well.

we breed in the following markings - banded, broken marked, blazed and variegated, with all our mice being either shorthair, rex, longhair or texel. we are getting some hairless soon as well.

our website is http://www.geocities.com/monkau_mousery
there you can see all our breeders past and present, as well as any new litters we have.
to get in contact with me leave a message on one off the posts or email monkau1@bigpod.com